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From precious stone hands to the flippening, we separate 11 of the most famous bits of crypto dialect


If you’ve invested any energy perusing crypto Reddit or Twitter, there’s a 100% opportunity you’ve experienced — and were possibly confounded – by a thick shrubbery of abbreviations, incorrectly spelled words, gamer images, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. From FOMO and FUD to laser eyes and whales, get crypto-proficient with this amateur’s manual for eleven of the most well-known bits of shoptalk.

Jewel hands

Or on the other hand as Elon Musk put it in a May tweet: 💎🙌. Jewel hands is an image promoted by crypto and stock brokers on Reddit. It implies a bad-to-the-bone adherence to the HODL reasoning (see underneath) — and is in many cases utilized by online gatherings that have joined together to attempt to drive up the cost of a memecoin or other resource. (The related-however overly critical term for sketchy dealers? “Paper hands”/🧻🤲. )


Means “feeling of dread toward passing up a great opportunity” — and is by and large most extreme when markets are rising quick. FOMO can prompt profound exchanging and awful direction — it’s perilous in light of the fact that knowing the past is 20/20, making it really quite simple to lament the additions you would have made assuming you had just planned every one of your exchanges impeccably. (No multiple times each of their exchanges impeccably.)

An effective method for decreasing FOMO is to have a system and stick to it, particularly assuming you accept that the resource you’re putting resources into will ascend in esteem over the more drawn out term. One famous choice is minimizing risk (or DCA), in which you contribute a similar sum consistently or month without stressing over the thing the market is doing.


Means “dread, vulnerability, and uncertainty.” It’s an exemplary advertising and promulgation strategy. The thought is to twist public discernment about an item, innovation, or up-and-comer by decisively delivering deception intended to make a pessimistic profound reaction.

Centralized server PC planner and business visionary Gene Amdahl is frequently credited with promoting the term during the 1980s. He utilized it to portray the manner in which IBM salesmen of the time worked to delegitimize contenders’ items, painting them as temperamental and conniving.

In the crypto space, FUD frequently alludes to general wariness around the innovation (from the media or from conventional money examiners), however the thought can likewise be utilized by defenders of a particular token or convention trying to incapacitate analysis.

How would it be a good idea for you to respond when confronted with FUD? Embrace another famous crypto abbreviation, and DYOR. Do your own examination.

The flippening

The flippening is a speculative occasion wherein Ethereum’s market cap will one day obscure Bitcoin’s. It can likewise be utilized to depict what is happening where a more modest or less-laid out token or convention could surpass a bigger opponent.


HODL is presumably the most predominant piece of crypto shoptalk. It initially came from a smashed grammatical error in the title of a 2013 Bitcoin gathering post: “I’m HODLING”. (It ought to have perused “holding.”)

HODL — typically articulated “hoddle” — just means to purchase and hold as long as possible, regardless of what the market is doing. Bitcoin fans have even retroactively transformed it into an abbreviation that means “hang on with a death grip.”

The first gathering post is filled with grammatical mistakes, yet the hidden message was insightful. At that point, Bitcoin’s worth had dove from $1242 to $480 in a month. Overreacted brokers were rescuing, however GameKyuuubi — genuine name Mike, a developer — wasn’t selling: “In a lose situation like this,” he expressed, “dealers can take your cash in the event that you sell.”

The feeling before long spread all through the Bitcoin people group and endless images resulted. Crypto has encountered numerous bull and bear cycles, yet such a long ways in any event, HODL has been solid counsel — with Bitcoin arising as one of the most mind-blowing performing resources of the last ten years. (As referenced in the FOMO section over, one great way to HODL is through DCA.)

Laser eyes

In 2021, ardent Bitcoin defenders started flagging their help for the digital money by adding “laser eyes” to their Twitter photograph. NFL hotshot Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, Elon Musk, Wyoming representative Cynthia Lummis, and MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor are a couple of the popular names who have participated. The image is frequently connected with the hashtag #LaserRayUntil100K — demonstrating support for the digital money’s capability to break the $100,000 mark.


Dogecoin (DOGE) is the first memecoin — it’s in a real sense a digital money in view of an image that was well known around the time it was created. In any case, in 2021, when Dogecoin decisively rose in esteem, an enormous rush of different tokens with ridiculous names arose (to some degree made conceivable by decentralized trades like Sushiswap, which permit anybody to list a token without any problem). In May 2021, Ethereum fellow benefactor Vitalik Buterin gave more than $1 billion in DOGE-motivated memecoins like AKITA, SHIB, and Dogelon Mars (ELON) towards COVID-aid ventures in India and different causes. The coins had been kept in Buterin’s crypto wallet trying to cause dealers to accept he was a financial backer.

Moon (or mooning)

At the point when a digital currency is areas of strength for seeing energy, brokers will generally portray it as going “to the moon” or “mooning.”

Siphon and dump

A planned work to misleadingly swell the cost of a resource and money out before it tumbles back to earth. Cryptographic forms of money with more modest market covers are especially helpless against siphon and dump plans. A gathering of dealers will cooperate to drive up the cost of a particular little cap altcoin. As costs rise, the rascals will advance the open door on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Facebook, YouTube remarks, and somewhere else, drawing in additional financial backers and driving the cost up further. At the point when the resource hit their objective worth, the first gathering will cash out — taking large benefits and leaving every other person “holding the sack” as the symbolic breakdowns.


What occurs on the off chance that you get cleared up by FOMO and wind up turning into the casualty of a siphon and dump? You get rekt. Getting rekt in its unique gaming setting means to lose gravely, and the definition is essentially something similar in crypto.


The greatest holders of crypto are known as whales. For Bitcoin, anybody with in excess of 1000 BTC is by and large thought to be a whale. Dissimilar to by far most of crypto merchants, whales can possibly move markets with their exchanges. As of mid-May 2021, the main 100 Bitcoin addresses (out of in excess of 800,000 dynamic locations) held in excess of 20% of all BTC as per

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